Rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV – aka solar electric) technology has been mainstream for about a decade now, but grid-connected battery storage is still a relatively new idea. This means that battery products are not at the same stage of commercialisation and therefore still in the early stages compared to the Solar industry.

The biggest hurdle that most people run into as they consider battery storage options as capital cost. The retail price for many battery products is larger than the cost of going solar and can easily double the cost of your average 4-5kW Solar System. But interest in energy storage is understandably high, with grid electricity prices through the roof in Australia almost every second household has a rooftop solar system installed. In these conditions, many people feel that battery storage is just another step towards energy independence.  

Therefore, battery storage system prices are on their way down and more and more products are becoming available. Depending on what you pay for electricity and how you use it throughout the day, batteries could already be a viable option for you.

Moving forward, the clear majority of solar & battery systems will maintain a grid connection, as going off-grid requires lots of extra solar & battery capacity (which means substantially higher cost) to get your home through the worst weather days. Instead, most solar homes with batteries will be largely energy independent on a day-to-day basis but will still rely on the grid to ‘fill in the gaps’ when their locally generated (and stored) energy falls short.

Home battery energy storage is the next frontier for solar energy in Australia, where one in ten homes have a solar PV system. A cocktail of factors makes energy storage appealing for Australia's households - whether they already own a solar system onto which they're looking to retrofit batteries, or whether they're looking for a brand new solar-plus-storage system.

So how ever far you’ve come in making the decision or if you have any questions about a new battery installation for your home don’t hesitate to call Qld Solar and Storage for great advice. With over 30,000 homes in the Sunshine Coast already having solar the next big step would be storing the energy you produce during the day excessively into a designed battery system. We are a local CEC accredited solar installer in the Sunshine Coast that are always open to Customer goals and achievements when reducing their power bills.

Qld Solar and Storage Pty Ltd, Sunshine coast

Qld Solar and Storage Pty Ltd, Sunshine coast